Stress Assessment


Everybody from young to old has to be aware of stress. If you, as a young person think that it is too early, you are WRONG!! Stress management starts now because you may be learning the wrong coping mechanism. Take the test to determine your level of stress.

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Stress affects people from all walks of life and cannot be avoided. Everybody, from the richest to the poorest in the world, can suffer from stress. The cause of the stress experienced is determined by the circumstances in life. For example a rich business person may experience stress because of the demands of maintaining a high profit margin in his business. A single working parent may experience stress because of the financial demands of supporting his/her family. Even though these experiences are very different they both have a negative effect on the health and well-being of the individual. Stress weakens the immune system (The body’s mechanism for fighting diseases) thus making the individual more prone to disease. Stress is known to be a major factor in a variety of diseases including coronary heart disease, hyper cholesterol, diabetes, etc. It also may result in a variety of disorders from anxiety to depression, which may even lead to suicide.