Assessment 2

Adult & Teenage Assessments

Assessments help you in managing the problem situation that you find yourself in. In this way, we touch on the following aspects:

  • To what extent do you still want to achieve?
  • Are you still satisfied with your circumstances?
  • Are your future expectations realistic?
  • To what extent do you experience frustration, stress and helplessness?
  • Self-Image: to what extent do you suffer from feelings of fear, guilt and worthlessness?
  • What are your strengths within relationships?

Child Assessments

 Child assessments are traditionally done by making use of projection techniques, play therapy, observation. Now, we utilize reliable and valid measurement instruments which can help to assess children by making use of self-report instruments. This type of child assessment is of great value due to its simplicity and time-effectiveness. The results are objective, reliable and valid, a true reflection of the child’s inner experiences and the best way to bridge the gap between the perceptions of children and those of adults.

Career Assessments

Helps and assist people to make and evaluate career decisions as well as manage career-related problems.
The following areas are measured:

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